Tardy Policy

  1. Use level 2 movement, walking quickly and directly to your classes (see passing period
  2. Arrive to each class before the late bell rings.
  3. Be seated before the late bell rings.
  4. Have materials necessary for learning for all classes - pencils, binders, planner, etc.
  5. Remain in classes the entire school day unless excused by an adult.
  6. Planners are to be brought to school daily.
  7. Planner passes signed by an adult are to be carried when outside of class.
  8. 1st Tardy Verbal reminder by teacher, warning

    2nd Tardy Phone call home by teacher, possible teacher assigned detention

    3rd Tardy Phone call home, lowered citizenship grade

    Note: Citizenship grades are up to the discretion of the teacher for all tardies. Teachers may take into consideration the number of tardies, how many have been made up, etc.

Tardies are an ongoing problem. "On time" means in class, seated, and ready to work. If a student has a bathroom emergency s/he should tell the teacher in the previous class and get a pass OR check in with the next period teacher and ask for a bathroom pass. A good majority of tardies are at the beginning of the day and right after lunch. Remember, in order to participate in semester, end-of-the-year activities, and/or 8th grade promotion ceremonies, students may not have two or more "U"s on your semester progress report. Tardies will be counted toward citizenship grades.

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