Dress Code

Dress Code Policy

In conformance with the district's discipline policy, each school community shall establish a school dress and behavior code. Students are expected to be properly groomed for school and to wear appropriate school clothing.

  1. All clothing must be good in condition and fitappropriately. SAGGING or BAGGY CLOTHES ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  2. Clothing shall not be distracting to the learning environment.
  3. Hats, bandanas, scarves, hoods, gloves, and hair rags are not allowed (except for religious or medical reasons.)
  4. All clothing and accessories are to be free of pictures or language referring to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, violence, weapons, gambling, profanity, gang association (colors, symbols, numbers, or any other item that is gang affiliated), or sexual topics or innuendos. In addition, clothing that negatively represents any gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation is not allowed. Plain clothing is preferred because it allows staff and students to concentrate on teaching and learning.
  5. Leggings, jeggings, tights, yoga pants, and other excessively tight pants or shorts may not be worn unless they are covered by another item of clothing that meets the "fingertip" (see #6) dress code requirement.
  6. Shorts, skirts, and skorts are to reach mid-thigh. When students place arms at their sides, fingertips should not touch skin.
  7. Only closed-toed shoes are allowed. No sandals. Shoes must have a secured back (heel straps are OK.) Heels must be no higher than 1 ½inches.
  8. Clothing must cover midriffs, cleavage, and bra straps. Tank tops must have at least a 2" (3 fingers in width) strap.
  9. PE uniforms and athletic shoes MUST be worn for PE (see PE Policy) PE uniforms are worn in PE only.
  10. Pajamas, slippers, blankets, or stuffed animals are not permitted at school.
  11. Lanyards must be worn around the neck. Lanyards or chains are not to hang from pockets.
  12. Backpacks and binders are to be free of drawings, pictures, or other inappropriate markings.

Any Dress Code violation may result in the student being asked to change into his or her PE clothes, a PE loaner, or other loaners for the rest of the day OR, s/he may be asked to turn his or her shirt inside out (if the logo or picture is inappropriate) to put the item of clothing away or in a backpack, to change into a different item of clothing, or the item of clothing may be CONFISCATED.

Please note that many requests to comply and warnings occur before items of clothing are confiscated. The third confiscation for dress-code-related issues may result in suspension for defiance. Confiscated clothes will be held in the VP's office until picked up by a responsible adult. Appointments must be made with the VP in order to avoid scheduling conflicts. The school administration will make the final determination on all clothing issues related to student safety and school climate. Any clothing not picked up by the last day of school will be discarded appropriately.

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