Bus Riding

Bus Riding Policy


  1. All students must have a bus pass issued by the office in order to ride the bus.
  2. Students may use the phone in the office to call for a ride home if they have lost their pass or have been denied transportation.
  3. Replacement passes can be purchased in the front office for $1.00.
  4. Temporary bus passes are issued ONLY when absolutely necessary.
  5. Bus pass issues and lost bus passes must be handled before school, during passing period (if you have time,) or during lunch. Not after school!

Bus Stops and Boarding

  1. Safety is very important while waiting at the bus stop. Horseplay, pushing, playing, and running around cause a safety hazard, do not engage in any of these.
  2. Before school,stay inline while waiting.
  3. After school,if your bus is late, line up.
  4. Bus lines are always single file. Crowding and pushing at the door of the bus creates a safety hazard.

Riding the Bus

  1. It is a privilege to ride a school bus. In order to keep the privilege, follow all school rules. Be polite and respectful to everyone.
  2. Food and drinks are to be stowed in backpacks and gum is not allowed.
  3. Respect other students' space and property.
  4. Stay seated at all times.
  5. Use Voice Level 2 and below to avoid distracting the bus driver.
  6. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself AND inside the bus at all times.
  7. Students who take the bus MUST ride the bus home unless a parent comes to pick them up in the office.
  8. Students may NOT ride a bus unless their name is on the bus manifest. Students must ride the assigned bus. They may not take a different bus.
  9. Students must get on and off the bus at the ASSIGNED bus stop.
  10. If a student is denied transportation or suspended from the bus due to behavior, it is the student's and parent's responsibility to find transportation to and from school.
  11. Upon arrival to the school, students must report directly to the lunch court or directly to a teacher with whom they have arranged a meeting or tutoring.

The bus driver is in charge and can deny transportation to any student at any time. In accordance with District Procedure 5411, the following are the consequences for breaking bus rules:

1st offense: Warning or possible one-day bus riding suspension
2nd offense: Possible two-day bus riding suspension
3rd offense: Three, four, or five-day bus riding suspension
4th offense: Remainder of semester or one month bus-riding suspension

Severe behavior such as physical contact or bullying on the bus will be referred to administration and may result in a bus suspension for up to a semester, or a formal out-of-school suspension.

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