Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival and Dismissal Policy


  1. Taft's campus opens at 8:30am. Supervision is not provided before 8:30 am unless the student is enrolled and attending Prime Time. Students arriving before 8:30 am must be enrolled in PrimeTime and remain with PrimeTime staff.
  2. Upon arrival after 8:30am all students will report to the Lunch Court.
  3. Cell phones must be off and put away upon arrival and throughout the day. (Including PrimeTime)
  4. Gum is not allowed on campus. Throw it away before stepping on campus!
  5. Per CA DMV CVC 2122; any student riding a bicycle, skateboard, scooter, or such must wear a helmet. All bicycle, skateboards, scooters, etc. should be locked, chained, and stored in the Bike Rack gated area before school starts.
  6. Students may go to a classroom if they have an appointment with a teacher. If the teacher is not in, the student is to go immediately to the lunch court.
  7. Breakfast is served from 8:30am until 8:50am.
  8. At breakfast, make selections quickly.
  9. Speak clearly and respectfully to cafeteria workers and all other adults.
  10. Have money and/or lunch number readily available.
  11. Sit at a table or bench on the lunch court. The cafeteria tables inside are not used in the morning unless it is raining or cold.
  12. Use appropriate table manners, keeping hands and feet to self at all times. Do not play with or throw food.
  13. Speak and behave respectfully to each other.
  14. Horseplay and public display of affection (PDA) are not allowed.
  15. Clean the area (tables and floor) where you have eaten. Throw away all trash in the garbage cans provided.
  16. All food and drinks must remain in the lunch court area. You may not take them home or to class.
  17. Remain in the lunch court area until the first bell rings (students may go to 400 building restrooms.) Play fields are off limits and 600 bathrooms closed.
  18. Anyone who needs to leave the lunch court area must have a pass from a teacher or other adult.
  19. When the first bell rings (at the start of school), students exit through one of the two south gates in an orderly fashion.


  1. Campus will be cleared by 4:15pm (2:15pm on minimum Wednesdays. )
  2. Teachers will assist in clearing campus after school by being outside classroom doors.
  3. When the release bell rings, students will quickly leave campus for home, check in at PrimeTime, go directly to the buses, or straight to a teacher (with a pass) in his or her classroom.
  4. Students who are not picked up by 4:15pm on regular days (2:15pm on minimum days) will be required to wait in the front office for their ride.
  5. Cell phones may be turned on ONLY when students are off campus and on the public sidewalk.
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